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Tea of the Month - July

Republic of Tea is celebrating their Naturally Calorie-Free Sweet Tea Collection this month.

Republic of Tea Naturally Calorie-Free Sweet Teas

Ginger Peach Sweet Tea An award-winning flavor combination of lush peach, spicy ginger and fine black tea with naturally sweet herbs. This half-caffeine tea is great hot or iced, with a smooth, sweet blend of black tea and Korean hydrangea leaves and hints of blackberry and licorice.

Classic Black Sweet Tea – This refreshing delight has a base of black tea from Rainforest Alliance certified farms that's complemented with sweet herbs. Enjoy this half-caffeine tea – flavored with Korean hydrangea leaves and hints of lemon, blackberry and licorice – hot or cold.

Tropical Green Sweet Tea This lively mélange is a combination of exotic fruit, fine green tea and naturally sweet herbs. Enjoy the tropical flavors of tangy pineapple, sweet papaya and aromatic passionfruit. Made with green tea, this blend is naturally low in caffeine.

Selection and availability vary by market.

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