Aphrodisiac Foods

Registered Dietician Sue Moores

By Sue Moores M.S., R.D.

Love is in the air...or at least it will be this Monday. Which foods might make your Valentine's Day just a little more special?

Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, both necessary for sex-hormone production.

Chocolate*: Chocolate elevates mood. It is also rich in phenylethylamine, a compound that has a response similar to the stimulating effect of amphetamines. (*Attend our Chocolate Lovers Event this weekend at each of our stores and get your fill of velvety, rich "romancers.")

Garlic: It seems somewhat counter-intuitive because of its odor, but for centuries in ancient Europe garlic was considered an aphrodisiac remedy.

Ginger: It's on the list because it is thought to aid in relaxation.

Oysters: The classic aphrodisiac, oysters get the nod for their mouth-feel, especially when swallowed raw (and whole).

Pine Nuts: They are rich in zinc, a key mineral for maintaining male potency. Pine nuts have been used since Medival times to stimulate libido.

Vanilla: The smell and flavor of vanilla is believed to increase feelings of lust. Some studies have shown that vanilla can raise levels of catecholamines, or adrenaline, in the blood.

Source: Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru

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