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Down on the Farm - The Tale of Kowalski's Pork

It's a "pigtale" we're thrilled to share. Our pork is incredibly good because we source it so carefully. From breed choice to diet, to farming and ranching techniques, we've worked hard to ensure the pork we provide is not only delicious but naturally and humanely raised. Some of the key features of our producers' program are:

Van Roekel Family Hog Farm, Alton, IA
  • Animals are sustainably raised on a network of small Midwest family farms.
  • Hogs are raised in a social environment with access to the outdoors.
  • No antibiotics or growth promotants are ever administered to the herds.
  • Hogs are fed a fortified vegetarian diet with no GMO seed in their feed crops.
  • Only strictly selected Hampshire Breed hogs are raised.

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