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Throughout our Dairy Department, you'll find the brands you know and trust right alongside a great variety of natural products and those produced by local vendors and partners. Our goal is to provide you with choices that match your lifestyle and your budget. For years we've been a pioneer in organics and natural products. Well before national chains came to town, Kowalski's was where you could find milk with no rBST growth hormones and cage-free eggs. Today we remain committed to a Dairy Department that leads the way in healthy alternatives and supports local vendors and the environment, all while providing good-value products for you and your family.

Local Partners:

Cedar Summit Farm  • Holy Land • Hope Creamery Butter • Larry Schultz Organic Farm • Organic Valley


Groceries for Good Causes

Kowalski's has donated over half a million dollars to local charities through our Groceries for Good Causes program. We are all aware that there are many ways to give to an unlimited number of worthy causes, so we at Kowalski's ask you to help us decide where these dollars should go.

If you have a local charity you'd like to support, tell the store manager. As space allows, we will give them a receipt deposit bin. They will then share in our donations based on the number of receipts in their bin each quarter.