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Grocery Manager Rodney

The Grocery Department at Kowalski's offers a great selection of items from the everyday to the specialty and hard-to-find. We strive to bring you the latest trends and award-winners. Our departments also feature widening selections of organic and natural foods. Look for the "Natural Path" banners in many of our aisles. We realize this is a category that continues to grow rapidly, and our sections will expand as demand grows.

At Kowalski's, we're proud to support local growers and producers. Here's just a handful of our local producers you'll find throughout our grocery aisles:

Locally Produced:

Anderson Maple SyrupAngie's Kettle Corn • Crapola Granola
French Meadow Bakery • Kowalski's Honey • Kowalski's Jams
Kowalski's Maple Syrup • MorningStar CoffeePeace Coffee

We also feature our own Signature Products line. These are items we have tested ourselves, and we are proud to put our name on them.


Groceries for Good Causes

Kowalski's has donated over half a million dollars to local charities through our Groceries for Good Causes program. We are all aware that there are many ways to give to an unlimited number of worthy causes, so we at Kowalski's ask you to help us decide where these dollars should go.

If you have a local charity you'd like to support, tell the store manager. As space allows, we will give them a receipt deposit bin. They will then share in our donations based on the number of receipts in their bin each quarter.